Welcome To Sri Venkatesh Capital & Financial services Pvt Ltd

SVC – Acronym for Sri Venkatesh & Company, established in the year 1988 by Mr. Ramesh kumar,Member Madras Stock Exchange (Erstwhile stock exchange) having a track record of nearly 29 years. Our office at Mylapore, with highly qualified professionals in the field of Share Broking and Commodities Trading.


In finance equity trading is the buying and selling of company stock Shares in large publicly-traded companies are bought and sold through one of the major stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange.


BSE created history on June 9, 2000 by launching the first Exchange-traded Index Derivative Contract i.e. futures on the capital market benchmark index – the BSE Sensex. The inauguration of trading was done by Prof. J.R. Varma, member of SEBI and Chairman of the committee which formulated the risk containment measures for the derivatives market.


A well-developed and effective commodity futures market, unlike physical market, facilitates offsetting the transactions without impacting on physical goods until the expiry of a contract. Futures market attracts hedgers who minimise their risks, and encourages competition from other traders who possess market information and price judgment.


Mutual funds are money-managing institutions set up to professionally invest the money pooled in from the public. These schemes are managed by AssetManagement Companies (AMC), which are sponsored by different financial institutions or companies.


Limit your investment within Rs. 100000/- if you want to be called as retail investor. There are quotas available for retail investors and which are not available for high net worth investors.