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R. RAMESH KUMAR hails from Mayiladuthurai Town Thanjavur District. His father Thiru.   V R RAMALINGAM was a well known Share Broker in the early years of 1970 in Mayiladuthurai town and surroundings of Thanjavur District . As a school going boy RRK showed keen interest in acquiring knowledge about stock markets and sensing his son’s keenness he slowly started exposing him to the intricacies of stock market operations.

RRK quickly learnt the vagaries of stock market operations and in the year 1985 migrated to Chennai and joined as a Authorized Assistant in a Madras Stock Exchange Member’s firm. The analytical skills, interest in the stock market operations and his shrewdness in spotting the buzzing stocks helped RRK immensely and quickly he obtained  his own Member Ship of the Madras Stock Exchange . In the year 1988 he started his own broking company Sri Venkatesh & Company  (SVC)  was an  active member of the   Madras  Stock  Exchange .S V C hosts a large number of retail clients in and around Chennai its suburbs, Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu and also from the neighbouring states of Andhra Pradesh Karnataka & Kerala . Globalization had a paradigm shift from manual to Electronic Screen Base Trading and RAMESH KUMAR quickly capitalized and learnt the benefits and advantages of screen based trading.in the year 1995 RRK floated SRI VENKATESH CAPITAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES PVT LTD incorporated  under the companies act 1956,has been promoted by Mr. R. RAMESH KUMAR (RRK) along with his family members.

RAMESH KUMAR along with other fellow MSE stock brokers floated M/s RELIABLE STOCKS & SHARES (I) LIMITED., . The company proudly boasts itself as the first National Stock Exchange Trading  Member from Chennai and the company was Inaugurated    by Mr. D.R. PATIL Founder Managing Director of National Stock Exchange launching its first trading operation Ist Sep  1995. RRK is one of the Promoter Directors.  For more than two decades the company has seen Stock Markets Booming, Dooming, Moving Side ways, innumerable Bull and Bear runs. During all these periods the company has withstood all onslaughts and always functioned within the rules, regulations and purview of SEBI &, NSE and other regulatory authorities. During stock market Cyclones and Tsunami the company not only met its commitments in toto  but ensured that all its retail clients were provided necessary shelter and guidance to over come all difficulties and enjoy the fruits of Bull runs.

RRK’s personal initiative and research forecast of market trends helped the customers to be cautious in many occasions. These qualities  has ensured the clients remain loyal to RRK and his company. “ Moreover Service is required in everything, in research, in execution and in settlement. It is going to be the key to survival. If you give good service and value to your clients, it will be translate in to good business”. This has been strong a belief of Mr RRK and he has not only practiced it himself but also made a efforts to inculcate similar values in the employees of the organization.

The company solicits and invites franchisee enquiries from individuals

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